National Institute for Innovation Management at Zhejiang University (National-level Philosophy and Social Science Innovation Base), hereinafter referred to as “NIIM”, is an important research base in China's innovation management field, known for its pioneer work in initiating studies in China on technological innovation management and sustainable competitiveness, its remarkable achievements and comprehensive cooperation network worldwide. Based on long-term exploration, NIIM has creatively proposed original innovation management theories and paradigms such as “Secondary Innovation Management”, “Portfolio Innovation Management”, “Total Innovation Management”, “C Theory”, and has made important contributions to the theories and practices of technological innovation management with Chinese characteristics.

As an important research base, NIIM has a national key discipline, Management Science and Engineering, and two provincial key disciplines, Enterprise Management and Public Management, covering five doctoral programs and two postdoctoral research stations. NIIMset up seven sub-institutes, established joint centers and joint laboratories with world-class universities such as Cambridge University and Leeds University, as well as domestic well-known enterprises such as Midea Group, Haier Group and CIMC. NIIM also keeps close relationship with Huawei and set up joint research institute with former executives of Huawei. Sub-bases have been established at Guizhou University, Sichuan University of Electronic Science and Technology, and Ningbo Institute of Technology.

NIIM enjoys a high-profile team of experienced and intenationally renowned scholars who have received many awards for teaching and research excellence, and have passion to share their experiences and the best practice. Moreover, NIIM keeps attracting world distinguished professors as visting scholars to enhance its research and teaching. Due to its long time work, NIIM takes the leading position in innovation management research and enjoys a global reputation. Builing a platform for enhancing innovation management research and accelerating social service is always  NIIM’s priority.

NIIM is devoting itself to build an open and world-leading innovation research platform and think tank by exlopring innovation theory and advancing business practices.

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