Based on RCID (Research Center for Innovation Management) and CTIID (Center for Technological Innovation & Industry Development), NIIM is one of the national innovative bases of philosophy and social sciences sponsored by National "985 Program". NIIM has achieved the following "FIRSTs" on the research of technology and innovation management in China. The first one in China to undertake research in the fields of science and technology management, as well as innovation & creativity management;
  The earliest doctor program on technology and education management in China, and the only one taking technology management as the main characteristics;
  The earliest research team in China to consider enterprises as the main body in innovation (intermediate 1980s);
The earliest one to organize International Conference on Technology and Innovation Management (ISMOT) in China (1995);
The first one to undertook international cooperative research project in the field of innovation in China;
The first one to publish a paper about technology and innovation management in China on international top Journal such as IEEE TEM.
  • Professor XU & Former Prime Minister Rongji ZHU, Academician Yingluo WANG (1986)
  • The earliest doctors supervised by Professor. XU
    (Left - Baohua Xiang, Right- Keqing ZHU )
  • Professor XU & Professor Ros enberg in Stanford, one of the top three authoritative economist in America.(1992)
  • Professor XU & Mr and Mrs E.roberts who came into visit from MIT. and famous in technology management area(1997)
  • Professor XU & Professor von Hippl in MIT, who is famous in technology innovation area
  • Professor XU & Professor Jay W.Fortester, the originator of System Dynamic, photographed in an international System Dynamic Conference
  • A group photo when Professor XU had taught 50 years(2004.10)
  • One of the earliest Chinese books in technology management, written by Professor XU.
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