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Media Focus | Professor Wu Xiaobo Interprets Chinese Management 2016 through “10 key Words”
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Professor Xiaobo Wu

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

 Extend to the two extremes of professional geek and multi-industry platform rapidly

In 2016, “innovation and entrepreneurship” trend will become more rational. Development trend will extent to the two extremes of professional geek and multi-industry platform rapidly. Professional focus and micro-manufacturing and minority-oriented service of geek type will develop rapidly. At the same time, the comprehensive service company and multi-industry integrative intelligent product and service carrying out integration in the larger space and industries will develop with faster speed. Therefore, entrepreneurship based on technological innovation will grow into the main stream gradually.


 The emergence of No-boundary management

With the rapid development of O2O and the fast establishment of the no-boundary real time spatial-temporal online management system, the cross-functional cross-boundary management system will have further development and no-boundary management will emerge rapidly. Enterprise management will break the original strict hierarchy in enterprises and the functional boundary of asymmetric information. Meanwhile, the real-time communication with stakeholders will depend on the more dynamic organizational model and the no-boundary real-time communication method, stepping in the flexible, active distributive, self-organized and dynamic development road of flexible and active distribution.

Global Operation

 Compliance management serves as the bottom line

As the globalization of enterprise operation is getting momentum, global strength in combating business corruption will be enhanced, which will serve as the important weapon for developed countries in containing the rapid emergence of Chinese enterprises (such as TPP). Chinese enterprises will face more fundamental governance and challenges in the compliance aspects of global operation management. Under the regulation environment of more regional integration in the world, business value system represents as the more concrete global regulation system in the pragmatics. Such presents higher requirements in practicing social responsibilities. Compliance of enterprise operation management has become the new business bottom line. Chinese enterprises, grew in the “barbaric growth” model in the unsound regulation environment, it will face new great challenges after joining the global operation platform “successfully”.

4Mergers and acquisition

The must trend after the industry passing the inflection point

As the basic principle of economic development, industry enters the “temperate” low speed growth period after experiencing the “inflection point” following the rapid development, with over capacity and homogeneous competition being the typical manifestations. Most industries in the current stage of China have entered this status, that is, the “new status”. The merger and acquisition trend promoting the bankruptcy, reorganization and upgrade of enterprises will get great momentum. Therefore, the key of “reduce over-capacity” lies in the “survival of the fittest”. Requirements of the industrial sector on the professional talents of “mergers and acquisition”, who are neither traditional professional managers nor the entrepreneurship talents, are becoming increasingly high.

5Internet Finance

 New hematopoiesis and blood circulation mechanism

In 2015, the collision between internet and traditional finance was deteriorated, with the internet finance using internet technology and information telecommunication technology to realize capital financing, payment, investment and information intermediary agent presenting explosive growth. In the same moment, various things occur, bringing great joys and great sorrows frequently. As the nation is further enhancing the support for the internet+ strategy and the reform of traditional finance, the management issue of internet finance will surpass the internet itself in 2016. The amortization and control mechanism of credit leverage and financial risk will further initiate the introspection and innovation on the fundamentality of the financial enterprise management.

6 Business analytics

 Accurate analytics on the business activity based on the big data and cloud service

With the development of mobile internet, the focus of improving productivity began to transfer from man and equipment to the business application real-time data and information. The rapidly developed artificial intelligence (machine learning) shortens the distance from information cognition to the action. The comprehensive penetration of big data and cloud service breaks the profit model establishing on the asymmetric information continuously.

 Therefore, Business Analytics comes when the requirements of new business ecological system on the business activity and communication analysis of extensive, online and flow data are becoming increasingly intensive. Besides, it is different with the previous data analysis and organizational activity analysis, serving as the crucial point for enterprises to achieve business success in the ecological system of the new economy.


Research and application of bottom level management science of Behavior, nerve and gene enters the new stage

With the progress of the technology and means of physiology and psychology, the scientific cognition of managers on people and organization reaches the new development stage. The research fruits and application of behavior, nerve and even to genes further enhance the cognition on the human principle “never change as per people’s willingness”. Such fundamentally changes the upgrading mechanism of organization and individual management performance. It also changes the tradition upgrading organization performance by predicting customer activity, making labor division and coordinating staff through experience and sampling statistics. Besides, machine learning, voice recognition and natural language processing and cognition develop rapidly. All of the above mention phenomena decide that the improvement mechanism of organization performance will experience fundamental changes.

 8Turnover Classroom

 Great changes of teacher-student relationship  

The traditional teaching model focusing on the knowledge input will be completely turned over. The popularization of mobile network reduces the acquisition cost of static knowledge to zero. Static knowledge becomes the public items of plug and play. The purpose and significances of the activity that students participating in school learning transfer from the passive knowledge acquisition to the active knowledge creation and creative application produced by the interaction between students and teachers. In particular, knowledge brought by students of MBA/EMBA in the business college to classrooms is far advanced than existed theoretical knowledge. New information technology tools further accelerate changes of teacher-student interaction model. Responsibilities of teachers and roles of Business College will develop into the platform motivating potentials, creating new knowledge and innovating application platform.

9Chinese–style Management

 Enterprise management system originated from China is emerging comprehensively

Over the past more than 30 years, Chinese enterprises emerged among the three transformations: the transformation from agriculture civilization to the industrial civilization, the transformation from regional operation to global operation and the emergence of internet reform. Such a special background and the sediment and organic update of Chinese 5000-year civilization make the global enterprises and various hidden champion enterprises originated from China stand firmly among the fierce competition of global enterprises with their distinctive methods. This on one hand refreshes westerners’ view on China, and on the other hand the fruits generated from the collision and integration of eastern and western civilization amaze and confuse people. Books explaining causes of such a phenomenon, which are written by people from different sectors, are emerging in large quantity. As the interests on detecting the root cause are emerging, the research on it would inevitably become the trend of scholars. The systematic research and formation of the new management theory based on the management practices of Chinese enterprises emerges at the right time, which would surely affect the world.

10Form Transformation

The foundation of management theory upgrades among twists and turns

According to the above mentioned 9 changes, current social reform is an in-depth systematic reform, that is, form transformation. Individual creativity will be emancipated in a large extent and the boundary and definition of organizations are rewritten. The extensive value creation network will move the traditional boundary between life and work. The learning effect and scale economic principles based on the professional labor division are overturned in the larger scope. The re-recognition on the innovation mechanism of organizational and individual value enters the chaos. Although the formation and public recognition of the new unified theory still takes time, the traditional management principles and regulations praised highly by the previous management scholars are experiencing changes thoroughly. 

Information Scource: Hardvard Business Review

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