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Ruihua Forum | 2016 Ruihua Spring Forum is successfully held
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Huawei is hard to copy. Its customer requirements management reflects a perfect combination of western management models and the eastern philosophy.So it is of significance for  entrepreneurs and professional managers to have a deep understanding of Huawei’s requirements management models.


In April 2016, the  Ruihua Spring Forum was held in Hangzhou with the theme of the " the Customer Requirements Management of Huawei". This forum aimed at further revealing the concept and the practical experience of Huawei’s requirements management. Many Huawei’s former senior executives and professors from Zhejiang University ran a brainstorming session on customers management,such as, how to explore and convert customer demands and how to remain customer-orientation  during the development .


Tian Tao(Consultant of Huawei international Advisory Committee),Hua Yanping (former Senior Vice President of Huawei),Frank Fan(former Marketing Director of Huawei),Zhu Xiaojiang(former COO of Huawei),Cao Feilong(former director of Huawei research and development Department),Wang Zhangang(HuaweiI's former Central Asian region Department of Process Quality minister ),Prof. Wu Xiaobo (Dean of the School of Management of Zhejiang University),Prof.Peter Murmann from The University of New South Wales ,Prof. Guo Bin,Prof.Huang Can,Prof.Shou Yongyi,and Prof Xie Xiaoyun along with several entrepreneurs attended the forum.

Mr. Tian ,consultant of Huawei international Advisory Committee, delivered a report on Huawei’s customer and requirements management.He divided Huawei’s customer requirements management into three phases, initial, medium ,advanced ,respectively.What’s more,he vividly illustrated the way Huawei set up its concept of customers requirements in different phases and how to tell the difference between the customer’s actual requirements and opportunist demand ,also,how to create the implicit demand.

Professor Wu Xiaobo, dean of the School of Management of Zhejiang University delivered a speech with the theme of supply side reform and demand side reform is the origin of innovation.Mr. Wu pointed out that the ever increasingly upgraded requirements on high quality on the basis of the well-off level will experience the new round outburst in the next few years, which is a great opportunity for outstanding enterprises.In the new normal, people tend to purchase better products and services with more money.Under this circumstance , the current problem existing in the supply is excess production capacity of low end product.The key to solve the problem is increase the innovative ability. Also ,he emphasized the input of human resources and  independent technology as well as the perfection of the legal system play an important role in promoting creativity.


Frank Fan,former Huawei ‘s former marketing director ,shared his opinion about how to discover and convert customers demand .On the basic of demand-orientation and Huawei’s understand of customer requirements, he combined the cases of Russia and Brazil and concluded a multi-level and multi-angle customer requirement management mechanism.

Prof.Peter Murmann from The University of New South Wales delivered a speech with the theme of the relationship between customer-orientation and product development.In his perspective,the reason why Huawei can revive in the fierce competition and maintain sustained growth is that it integrates customer-orientation concept into product development process.


On the morning of April 15,Zhu Xiaojiang,former COO of Huawei,gave a speech with the subject of “Process and IT Support:Effective Customer Relation Management”.According to the change of Huawei’s business process structure during 2001, he pointed out that Huawei’s business process structure has transformed from  three dimension operation,marketing managemen,retailing management and technology service,respectively,to operation and support .He also share Huawei’s experience on how to deal with the customer relationship management when the company’s having a business restructured .

  Cao Feilong,former director of Huawei research and development Department, analyzed how dose Huawei launch products to meet customer needs as well as have products’ quality and cost  advantages on the basic of its IPD product development process from implementation of requirement,external requirements validation and Internal requirement verification perspectives.


At last ,Wang Zhangang ,Huawei's former Central Asian region Department of Process Quality minister,made a speech with the theme of”from  Product Orientation to Product Execution: the Embodiment of Requirement Management’s Value”In his point of view,the demand which can bring profit should be the primary concern.What’s more ,these requirement are the one can raise the customers’ value on a large scale.Consequently,in order to make the product design workable ,the enterprise should dig deeper into the problem remaining in the requirements mentioned above and work on targeted strategies.

Zhejiang University School of Management Ruihua Innovative Management Institute will continue to hold the four season forum ,which focuses on different management topic each time. In comparison with pure academic seminar and Entrepreneurs Club ,the forum stresses the face-to-face interactive communication among entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, fully motivate the involvement of participants, initiate brainstorming, draw on wisdom of the masses and finally put them in place to serve for the growth of enterprises.

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