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Media Focus | Professor Wei Jiang: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education is not the Entrepreneurship ‘Crash Course ’
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   The current rise of entrepreneurship education in China adapts to the requirements of the construction of an innovation-oriented country and the development of high-quality education, itself.Strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship education will be one of the most important directions for higher education reform nowadays.

   Weijiang,Assistant Dean and Professor of School of Management in Zhejiang University. Since Zhejiang University set up the Intensive Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship,he has devoted himself to the innovation and entrepreneurship education.what’s more ,he is always thinking which kind of elites we should cultivate under the background of innovation-driven development and how to cultivate,which has resonated widely in the field of education .

    On June 11 ,The China's Universities Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance founding conference and the first National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Forum were successfully held.Delegates discussed the new-round reform innovation and entrepreneurship education from different perspectives. Many delegated agreed that innovation plays a fundamental role in entrepreneurship and we should the integrate innovation concept with the entrepreneurship education.

1、Ignite Student’s Inner Innovation Ability

   The core of innovation and entrepreneurship is to ignite the creativity,especially among the young people. In QiuYong’s, the president of Tsinghua University,perspective,innovation and entrepreneurship should run through the whole talent training process.In addition, strengthening the cultivation for the spirit of college students innovation ,enhancing the creativity and raising the entrepreneurship awareness are current priorities.

   Ye Jingyi ,deputy Party secretary of  Peking university,said ,the innovation and entrepreneurship education should follow the innovation-driven strategy.Furthermore,the education should adapt as well as serve the new normal.

   Innovation and Entrepreneurship education has also gradually changed from the early entrepreneurship competitions, teacher-oriented training, classroom teaching, and knowledge impartment into focusing on entrepreneurial ability training, raising quality, and diversified educational styles. Overall, entrepreneurship education at universities has experienced profound change in terms of educational forms, content, models, and so on.

   Professor Zhang Haixia from the Peking University ,commented that a good innovation idea which comes from within has the power to ignite and change the whole world.

2、The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Should Avoid Utilitarianism

   In Ye’s views,when cultivating the innovation and entrepreneurship ability, we should emphasize that university should guide students to establish a correct outlook on life values instead of the education utilitarianism.Besides,,education are supposed to transform the creativity and passion into the strength which can benefit the country’s development.

  Shi Zongkai,deputy Party secretary of Tsinghua university,said that avoiding utilitarianism also means the success of the entrepreneurship should not be judged by the rate of the entrepreneurship .What university should do is to explore students innovation  ability and creativity.Equipped with these innovation ability,student can be more competitive in the fierce competition. It take s a long time to develop students’ potential,in other word , we can’t expect student to become a instant entrepreneur ,instead,we should see the  results after 20 years.

   Now, there are 3 kinds of entrepreneurship among the college students, technology entrepreneurship ,skill based entrepreneurship and necessity entrepreneurship, respectively.Innovation and entrepreneurship education should focus on different aspects depending on the kind of entrepreneurship.

3、Build the Ecological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System

   In Wei Jiang’s opinion,the key to promoting the countries’ innovation development is to creating a powerful high-tech foundation technology instead of starting business on the  basis of the internet .

  Through the analysis of innovation and entrepreneurship education in domestic and foreign universities , it’s obvious that,nowadays,the innovation education presents fundamental ,ecological marketized tendency. From the marketing perspective,innovation and entrepreneurship has become an new industry.The university should consider the upcoming problems,such as what’s the university’s advantages?what’s the market’s advantages and what’s the effective interaction between the and community .

    The China's Universities Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance initiative is backed by many domestic university and enterprises which is a good beginning but there’s still a long way to go .


Source: China Education Newspaper

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