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Academic Visits | Professor WU Xiaobo Led Teachers and Students of the Innovation Base to Attend the Twentieth Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium, and Signed a Renewed Cooperation Agreement with the University of Cambridge
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Under the sponsorship of the special fund for "Building a First-class University of the World" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), led by Director of the ZJU Innovation Base Professor WU Xiaobo, more than 10 teachers and students of the base went to the University of Cambridge to attend with invitation the twentieth Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium from September 29th-30th, and organized a special session: “Huawei and Chinese Flagships”.

The Conference separately set up enterprise forum and expert forum.

The special session “Huawei and Chinese Flagships” of the Global Manufacturing and China (GMC) in the second day of the Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium was jointly hosted by Director of the ZJU Innovation Base and Dean of the School of Management of the ZJU Professor WU Xiaobo, and Research Director of the Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM) of the University of Cambridge Professor SHI Yongjiang, and its reviewer guest position was undertaken by Senior Consultant of the Huawei's International Advisory Committee and Co-director of the Ruihua Institute for Innovation Management of the ZJU Sir TIAN Tao. This session invited Vice President of the Human Resource Management Department and Permanent Secretary of the Human Resources Committee of the Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Mr. Jack Lyu to deliver the special report titled with “Incentive mechanisms to drive perpetual motion in enterprise development”.

Mr. Jack Lyu’s report focused on analyzing factors for Huawei’s success in becoming a telecommunications giant with a turnover of 60.8 billion US Dollars developed from a capital of 3,000 US Dollars. He gave four key factors: firstly, Huawei always persisted in the belief that centers their attention on customers; secondly, Huawei’s businesses always focused on the information technology field; thirdly, long-term sustained investments in strategic fields; and fourthly, creating values via sharing values. Subsequently, Jack Lyu centered on these four key factors and elaborated Huawei's assumptions about the future, the “Principle of the Intensity of Pressure” followed by Huawei, the revenue management mechanism of Huawei’s employees, Huawei’s value-driven and profit-analyzing mechanisms and others.

Sir TIAN Tao made a review with respect to the innovation based on customers mentioned in the report, and clearly pointed out challenges that Huawei were facing with respect to innovation. However, from the perspective of scholars, Professor WU Xiaobo put forward that Huawei’s own “uniqueness” was a great research opportunity to the academe.

The second part of the GMC was hosted by Associate Professor of the School of Management of the ZJU WU Dong; more than twenty teachers and students from the ZJU and the University of Cambridge together attended; and doctoral students from the ZJU Innovation Base delivered wonderful reports. Subsequently, all the teachers and students that attended The Conference introduced themselves including academic research status quo.

On the afternoon of October 1st, Dean of the School of Management of the ZJU WU Xiaobo and Head of the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) Andy Neely signed the renewed cooperation agreement, and this opened a new chapter in cooperation. The ZJU-University of Cambridge “Globalized Manufacturing and Innovation Management” Joint Research Center was led by Director of the National Philosophy and Social Science Innovation Base for the "Innovation Management and the Research in Sustainable Competition Strengths" of the ZJU Professor WU Xiaobo and Former Head of the University of Cambridge IfM Sir/Professor Mike Gregory, and was jointly built up in 2005. The center mainly carries out scientific researches that are centered on globalized manufacturing evolution, globalized manufacturing and sustainable development, foreign direct investment (FDI) and technology transfer, transnational companies and China’s manufacturing, industrial innovation and strategies, and other themes in the field of globalized manufacturing and innovation management. Simultaneously, it drives talent training and technology service with scientific researches under the cooperation between both sides, and intends to become an innovation platform at the international level and a platform that effectively explores and opens up the research field of globalized manufacturing and innovation management. As an achievement and carrier of the close cooperation between both sides, the Joint Research Center commits to: promote the cooperative application of both sides and undertake major research projects; promote academic visits between both sides to support the other side’s research activities; promote the exchange of research information, reports and related articles and information, between both sides; promote master’s and doctoral graduate students’ exchanges and communications between both sides; undertake academic conferences that both sides are together interested in; help China’s and Great Britain's industries to establish contacts and open up related training programs for the industries; and others. The Joint Research Center will advance with the times, try to contribute more greatly to promote the research and practice in globalized manufacturing and innovation management, and become a first-class academic institution in the world during the open and internationalized development.

On the afternoon of October 1st, the ZJU’s and the University of Cambridge’s doctoral students also reported their own research progress separately.

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