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National Institute for Innovation Management at Zhejiang University—the National Innovative Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences Officially Launched Its Guizhou University Branch
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The year of 2016 celebrates the “China-ASEAN Education Communication Year” as well as the 25th anniversary of establishing dialogue between China and ASEAN. To this end, Dean and Professor Wu Xiaobo from the School of Management at Zhejiang University was recently invited to attend the China-ASEAN Entrepreneurship Education and Talent Cultivation Summit Under the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

The summit gathered nearly 200 guests from academic and business circles around the world, including China, USA, India, Malaysia, Lithuania and North Korea. Guests conducted profound discussion on relevant theories and practices, including the mass entrepreneurship and multiple innovation, the promotion of talent's quality education, the quality upgrading of talent cultivation, the cooperation system of entrepreneurship and innovation development, and the construction of a new normal of China-ASEAN education communication services.

Professor Wu delivered the keynote speech of “The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cultivation under the New Normal: Transformation of Paradigm”. Pinching in with the historical background of Chinese economic development entering the New Normal, he demonstrated that our current development required transformation and adjustment of the driving force, format and structure. Chinese economy must seize the opportunity of reform to realize the catch-up and transcendence in the New Normal context.

Entrepreneurship and innovation have become key components in the Chinese national strategy under the New Normal. What missions should universities be responsible of in such a background? Professor Wu shared his corresponding opinions with present guests. He concluded from the entrepreneurship and innovation education throughout world’s first-class universities that, innovation was the soul of entrepreneurship. In the New Normal, universities should focus on the development of college-student entrepreneurs especially on their innovative ideas and strategic vision & global thinking, which included various aspects like international perspectives, innovative abilities, pioneering spirits and social responsibilities. As he introduced, on the basis of above education, the Intensive Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ITP)—founded jointly by the School of Management and the Chu Kochen Honors College under the proposal of Professor Wu in1998—had been subject to the principles of innovation-oriented and entrepreneurship-lead to preliminarily form the “ITP alumni” through the establishment of the modular courses matching with the entrepreneurial chain, the “five-in-one” ecological learning and other systems after eighteen years of exploration and practices. The ITP had cultivated a large number of prominent talents in innovation and entrepreneurship, started the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship education with Chinese characteristics, created the open co-governance in entrepreneurship education projects, and constructed the integrated cultivating system covering the whole process and multiple platforms for the university entrepreneurship education. “So far, more than 80 graduates of the ITP have embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. What’s more, two enterprises founded by ITP graduates have been list on the new third board since 2015, namely the Youxiduo Network Shanghai belonging to Chen Yichao, an alumnus of 2001, and the Mobvista belonging to Duan Wei, an alumnus of 2004.”

Combined with ZJU’s achievements on the exploration and practices of innovation and entrepreneurship education, Professor Wu pointed out that the innovation and entrepreneurship education under the New Normal would definitely orient to transboundary fusion and cross-university collaboration that demanded new ideas, new platform and new mode.


The insightful speech and proposal given by Professor Wu gained loud responses from present business school deans. Afterwards he, on behalf of the School of Management at ZJU, officially announced the opening of the Guizhou University Branch of National Institute for Innovation Management at Zhejiang University, the National Innovative Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences, together with Mr. Sun Guoqiang, Vice chairman of Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and sighed the cooperation agreement with Dean Li Ye from the School of Management at Guizhou University.

It is not only a great step of cross-university cooperation but also a significant practice of further implementing the innovation and entrepreneurship education under the “Belt and Road” Initiative to sign the cooperation agreement with Guizhou University and establish the Guizhou University Branch of National Institute for Innovation Management at Zhejiang University. We believe that the “joint forces on the Belt and Road” from the School of Management at ZJU and the Guizhou University will push forward the development of “China-ASEAN education” and cultivate more excellent talents of innovation and entrepreneurship for the global community.


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