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Rethinking Global Manufacturing:Resilience, Digitisation and Innovation




Sep.11-12, 2021




Symposium Introduction







本次国际会议将为深入探讨和沟通这些议题提供机会。全球化制造与中国国际学术研讨会(GMC) 是浙江大学和剑桥大学一流学者于2005年发起创立的“产学政”全球开放式高端互动交流平台,每年由浙江大学和剑桥大学轮流联合主办。在韧性、数字化、创新等关键词为特征的时代背景下,我们举办本次GMC会议,来自世界各地的资深企业家、知名学者和政策研究制定者将汇聚一堂,分享他们的方法、经验和政策建议,也为参会者们提供了一个深度沟通交流的特殊平台。

With the rapid development of new-energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies, profound changes have taken place in the technological attributes, industrial technology environment and industrial chain relations of global manufacturing industry. On the one hand, a new round of scientific and technological revolution has given birth to the emergence of new forms and new formats of business, which requires us to think about industrial competition, strategy and management in a new way; On the other hand, the emergence of protectionism, unilateralism and "de-globalization" has also led to significant changes in the global industrial structure of manufacturing industry, which leads to the coexistence of opportunities and challenges.

In particular, the development, diffusion and deep integration of global manufacturing emerging technologies have had a profound impact on the mode of production, market model and enterprise organizational relationship built in the era of industrial mass production. The change of global industrial structure has brought a chain reaction to the emergence of new products, new business models, new industrial chain cooperation and new ecosystems, which also makes countries around the world face the adjustment of innovation strategies. In this new era, at the beginning of the 14th five year plan, where is the new engine of China's development? It will be an important issue for China and other countries in the world how to make use of the positive role of digital economy in strengthening industrial interconnection, innovating industrial ecology, promoting transnational cooperation, enhancing information sharing, and stimulating innovation momentum, so as to achieve a parallel and leading position in strategic emerging industries and future industries.

At the same time, the revolution of new technology and the global competition under the new industrial layout also bring great uncertainty to the enterprise operation environment. The commercialization of new technology makes new products and new formats replace the original products or services, which leads to the disruptive of the industry; New technology also affects resource endowment, and the emergence of new production factors will change the original pattern of resource advantage. This change of global competition pattern makes enterprises need to increase resilience by the reconfiguration of supply chain network, reasonable layout of global business and market, and innovation driven growth strategy, so as to seek the sustainability of competitive advantage under the new pattern of global manufacturing.

The international conference will provide an opportunity to explore and communicate these issues in depth. Founded in 2005 by top scholars from Zhejiang University and Cambridge University, the Global Manufacturing and China International Symposium (GMC) is an open and high-end interactive platform for communication between industry, academia and politics. It is co-organized by Zhejiang University and Cambridge University in turn every year. Under the specific circumstances of resilience, digitisation and innovation and other key words of the times, we initiate this GMC conference. Senior entrepreneurs, well-known scholars, policy researchers and makers from all over the world will come together to share their methods, experiences and policy suggestions. It also provides a special platform for in-depth communication and exchange for participants.


Symposium  Themes

The 2021 symposium will focus on “Innovation and Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in Digital Economy”. GMC’21 invites articles on, but not limited to, following topics:

  • Digital Technology Paradigm Shift and Beyond Catch-up
  • Industrial Internet and Innovation
  • Organizational Resilience and Innovation
  • Digital Technology and Manufacturing Strategy
  • Big Data-driven User-firm Innovation
  • Internet-based Business Model Innovation
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Digital Cyberspace
  • Global Networked Manufacturing and Innovation
  • Platform Economy and Innovation Ecosystem
  • MNEs under De-globalization


Symposium Guidelines

GMC’21 invites authors to submit original and unpublished work. Papers should not exceed 7000 words and are required to be prepared in English by Microsoft Word. Authors are invited to submit their papers to conference email:gmc@zju.edu.cn

For Template for Preparation of Papers, please refer to the link below


Key Dates

July. 20, 2021

Full Paper Submission Deadline

Aug.1, 2021

Acceptance Notification

Aug. 10, 2021

Author Early-bird Registration Fee Payment Deadline

Aug. 20, 2021

Author Registration Fee Payment Deadline


  • International Journal of Logistics(SSCI)
  • Industrial Management & Data Systems(SSCI)
  • Science Technology and Society(SSCI)
  • Asian Journal of Technology Innovation(SSCI)
  • Sustainability(SSCI)
  • 管理工程学报(Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management)


Symposium Organization

Zhejiang University,China

University of Cambridge, UK.

National Institute for Innovation Management, ZJU

Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge


Contact Information

GMC’21 Secretariat

Prof. Dong Wu

Ms. Mingxia Tang

Tel: (+86) 571-8820 6889

E-mail: gmc@zju.edu.cn

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